Troop Fall Product Chair Agreement

PS FALL – Troop Fall Chair Position Description & Agreement

  • All Troop Fall Product Program Chairs must submit this Position Description and
    Agreement before being given access to Fall Product software or receiving fall product
    program materials.

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  • Troop number should be 5 digits, no “#” or “-” symbols in
    the number please. Ex: 00123, 01416, 15224.

  • Accountable to: Troop Leader, Service Unit Fall Product Chair (SUFPC) and Product Programs Manager (PPM)
  • Time Commitment: September to November is the most concentrated time commitment. Final responsibility is ensuring distribution of girl recognitions and collection of Council proceeds.
  • Function: To manage troop participation in the Fall Product Program. Work with the Troop Leader & SUFPC by promoting, coordinating and conducting troop Fall Product Program activities. Encourage participation of all currently registered girls to incorporate the Fall Product Program as a meaningful part of the Girl Scout leadership development program.
  • Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Attend Service Unit Fall Product Program and software training provided by GSGLA.
    • Provide Fall Product Program training for girls and their families, including GSUSA safety guidelines, Council procedures, program activities, goal setting, customer service, courtesy and respect for customers and each other.
    • Verify that all girls participating are registered and have submitted a signed “Parent/Guardian Permission and Responsibility Agreement” for each girl prior to distributing the girl order card.
    • Maintain close communication with all girls, parents, Troop Leader and SUFPC throughout the program.
    • Distribute Fall Product Program materials to girls and parents.
    • Collect and enter troop orders using the software by specified dates (or ensure parents/guardians have entered their Girl Scout’s order).
    • Check all troop orders for accuracy using M2OS – be sure all allocations are completed by specified dates. Troops are responsible for any and all product ordered and/or entered into M2OS.(It is incumbent upon the Troop Fall Chair or her designee to make sure what is ordered/entered is accurate at the time it is ordered/entered).
    • Coordinate pick up of troop fall product orders from appointed delivery station
    • Distribute girl product orders and retain receipts for all transactions.
    • Follow banking procedures as outlined in the Troop Fall Product Program Guide and forward collections issues to SUFPC and/or GSGLA by specified dates.
    • Promptly distribute girl rewards to the troop when they are received.
    • Adhere to all GSGLA deadlines as outlined in the Troop Fall Product Program Guide
  • Qualifications: TFPCs must be currently registered adult members of GSUSA and have a current background check. They must have a strong attention to detail, be well organized and maintain accurate records for the troop. Access to computer, internet and email is required. Flexibility, patience, fairness, honesty, and the crucial in this position. The ability to work with many personalities, as well as the desire to motivate and support girls and parents with the program is a must.
  • I understand that I am responsible for managing my troop’s Fall Product Program including all sales proceeds
    and ensuring that the funds are deposited into our troop account by the deadlines outlined in the Troop Fall
    Product Program Guide. I agree to carry out the duties and responsibilities as outlined above. I understand that
    the troop is responsible for all product that it takes possession of (whether from initial order, cupboards, troop to
    troop transfers/exchanges, etc.). I further understand that sales proceeds are troop and council property and
    should not be retained by individual girls, their families, or myself as personal property (Volunteer Essentials,
    Chapter 5: Managing Group Finances).

    I also understand that any misuse or failure to appropriately deposit these funds on my part may result in legal
    action taken against me by Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

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