Special Event/Money Earning Start Form

Does your event involve the following?

Congratulations you need to click on the link below and continue to fill out the Special Event/Money Earning Form.

Before clicking on the link have the following items ready:

1) Names, emails and phone numbers of Event Director(s), Financial Manager, Event Emergency Contact and First Aider.

2) First Aid information (expiration date of training if applicable) - 1 Trained First Aider is required for each 200 participants

3) Financial Statement or Bank Statement if Troop Event

4) Event Flier

5) Event Contract if applicable. We can no longer accept pictures from your phones. Please provide a scanned copy. If there are areas that need to initialed by you please do that before scanning.

If you are using Internet Explorer you might want to switch to Chrome. We have experience problem with Internet Explorer and the size of the form.

Special Event/Money Earning Application

At this time you do not need to file a Special Event/Money Earning Application. However, if you find you event now includes 4 or more troops or you are collecting money for your event then you will need to revisit this form.