Starting Inventory Order Worksheet

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We strongly recommend that troops place a Starting Inventory Order (SIO) to ensure success for their
troop in meeting their goals. Use of this form assumes your troop has done some goal planning at the
start of the Girl Scout year (September) or, if you are a brand new troop, shortly after your troop started.
There is a tool available to do this goal planning.

In completing this SIO Worksheet, you can use either your Troop Goal or the total of your Girl Scouts’
Individual Goals. You will want enough cookies packages up front so your valuable time is spent selling
the cookies with your Girl Scouts and not returning to the cupboards too frequently.

Based on all the data you have entered/selected, you will see the total case count and variety mix. You can, as you enter your information into eBudde, adjust the variety mix as you choose to get to the total case

For returning troops, there is a link to a summary of last year’s sales data, broken out by transaction type (SIO, Cupboard, Troop to Troop transfer). This is the same as last year’s Troop Variety Mix tab.

Troop number should be 5 digits, no “#” or “-” symbols in the number please. Ex: 00012, 01416, 15224.
Troop Cookie Chair Name*
I am a new troop.*
( New = first time participating in Cookie Program or formed after 2021 )

From this point forward, you will see data in CASES (each case has 12 packages). When you enter your
SIO into eBudde, you will be entering it in cases. However, we have included the equivalent number of packages for the Grand Total and the Per Girl totals for reference.

We recommend that a troop’s SIO be a percentage of the total goal – ranging from 75% to 95% of the total. As you determine your percentage, keep in mind what you feel comfortable taking on up front. In as much you do not want to order too little and make frequent trips to a cupboard, you also do not want to order too many and feel overwhelmed.

Choose a percentage to see the variety mix and total number of cases that would result from the percentage you choose. When entering your SIO into eBudde you can adjust the variety totals as you wish; these totals are based on GSGLA’s overall per variety percentages.

If you participated before, looking at your past sales will help you evaluate the correct variety mix for your troop.

Based on your data input.

A Per Girl Average (PGA) of 175+ or greater earns the PGA reward; ALTHOUGH order to what you think you will need/be able to sell, not to the reward.

If you participated in 2023, view the 2023’s Troop Variety Mix Data.