Fall Product ACH Debit Authorization

Each troop must submit an ACH Debit Authorization form, along with a copy of a voided check or letter from bank that includes troop number, routing number, and account number, in order to participate in the Fall Product Program.
  • Troop number should be 5 digits, no "#" or "-" symbols in the number please. Ex: 00123, 01416, 15224.
  • Bank Information

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  • Or a letter from bank that includes troop number, routing number, and account number.
  • This form is to be used by all GSGLA Troops to authorize ACH debit transactions during the GSGLA Fall Product Program (required). A VOIDED TROOP CHECK (OR A LETTER FROM BANK THAT INCLUDES TROOP NUMBER, ROUTING NUMBER, AND ACCOUNT NUMBER) MUST BE UPLOADED TO THIS FORM.
  • Troop acknowledges and agrees to ACH:
    1. GSGLA will debit the troop checking account according to the instructions provided during training for the current year’s Fall Product Program.
    2. The monies due for all Council proceeds will be debited early December (see timeline in Troop Guide).
    3. Troops are responsible to deposit sufficient funds to cover these debit, and will be responsible for any resulting non-sufficient funds (NSF) charges; signatories below agree to verify that troop funds are deposited into the bank account and available for withdrawal.
    4. Troop expressly authorizes GSGLA to repeat debits that fail for any reason.
    5. Troop agrees to work closely with GSGLA to pay all amounts due to Council in any manner agreed to by both parties.
    6. Troops understand that they may not participate in the Fall Product Program until ACH Debit Authorization is received by the Council.
  • This authorization must be signed by two (2) authorized check signers for the troop.
  • Signatory 1

  • Signatory 2